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Medical Director

Shapiro,_Michael,_MDMichael Shapiro, M.D. is the Medical Director for the Center for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery. Dr. Shapiro graduated with honors from University of Rochester Medical School and has had an illustrious career in solid organ transplantation. He has published numerous research articles and is a sought-after national speaker. Dr. Shapiro has advocated for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery patients since coming from Harvard to Hackensack in 1999. Besides serving as the Medical Director of the Center for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery, Dr. Shapiro is in charge of education of the surgical fellows, residents and medical students.

A hallmark of Dr. Shapiro's practice is extremely conservative use of transfusions. Even in the patients who will accept transfusions, Dr. Shapiro usually does not use blood, preferring to treat with medications. Dr. Shapiro says "The safest transfusion is no transfusion."

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