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What is Bloodless Medicine and Surgery?

The Bloodless Medicine and Surgery program is a focused commitment to provide medical care and surgical procedures without the use of stored blood products. This outcome is achieved using the following fundamental strategies:

  • Plan ahead to fully integrate bloodless strategies into a patient’s treatment plan
  • Screen for anemia (low red cell count) and correct it prior to surgery
  • Complete a detailed bleeding risk assessment and provide appropriate intervention
  • Minimize blood loss from laboratory testing by microsampling
  • Prevent the loss of blood during surgery by using the most advanced instruments and practice meticulous surgical hemostasis
  • Collect the blood lost during and after surgery and recycle it back into the patient.
  • Acknowledge the tolerance of anemia
  • Treat anemia in hospitalized patients with iron and other pharmaceutical agents
  • Get 'out of the box' and consider novel approaches to clinical management
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